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THANKS!  Brian and Jennifer!

On 4/26/2018 3:49 PM, James L. Kinter Iii wrote:
> Dear All – Thanks to several of you who are offering praise and 
> gratitude for GrADS. I would like to add COLA’s thanks to Brian and 
> Jennifer. The original idea of putting together analysis and display 
> of geo-registered data, with defaults suitable for atmospheric science 
> and physical oceanography research and education, was a simple one, 
> but, as it turned out, extremely powerful. The notion of making that 
> package of code available to anybody, free of charge, and supporting 
> it with new features, copious and useful documentation, and responses 
> to user inquiries was unheard of two decades ago, but that also turns 
> out to have been a powerful concept. Finally, evolving a code over a 
> period of so many years, mostly in a backward compatible way, is 
> something that normally takes an entire corporation to pull off. Brian 
> started out doing it on his own, and after Jennifer joined COLA, they 
> did it with a team of 2, along with debugging help and suggestions for 
> improvement from all the users. The large number of users, the large 
> number of figures on web pages and in scholarly journals, and the 
> small number of lines of code are all testaments to the success and 
> staying power of GrADS, which are in turn completely due to the 
> ingenuity, dedication and collegiality of two people. For those of us 
> who remember writing Fortran programs to analyze meteorological data 
> and other Fortran programs to display the results of that analysis, 
> the introduction of GrADS to our community was truly a quiet 
> revolution that changed the way we did our work. While we often list 
> GrADS among the contributions that COLA has made to the field, in 
> truth, it is Brian and Jennifer who get all the credit. Thanks to you 
> both. – Jim
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> As a user since I started grad school in 2009, I remain a huge fan of 
> GrADS. Even though I now use a lot of Python and matplotlib for 
> plotting, GrADS still produces at least as high quality, if not higher 
> quality, geographic plots than any other graphics software I have seen 
> over the past 9 years, and is my first pick for plotting 
> meteorological graphics. I will continue to use it, but am sad to see 
> the support cease. Hopefully it will continue to be useful for years 
> to come.
> Thanks to Jennifer and the other support staff who kept GrADS going 
> over all these years.
> Jeff Duda
> On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 9:41 AM, John Ciolek <jciolek at alphatrac.com 
> <mailto:jciolek at alphatrac.com>> wrote:
>     Thank you Jennifer, Brian, and the rest of your team for what you
>     have done with GrADS!  I  hope you realize how much the
>     atmospheric science community appreciates your effort and
>     outstanding support.  I’m sure you will hear from many echoing
>     that feeling as you truly deserve it.
>     John
>         On Apr 26, 2018, at 7:30 AM, Jennifer M Adams
>         <jadams21 at gmu.edu <mailto:jadams21 at gmu.edu>> wrote:
>         Dear All,
>         The time has come to announce some changes at COLA that will
>         affect all of us: the funding that supports GrADS has come to
>         an end. Brian Doty will be retiring at the end of the summer,
>         and I will be moving to NASA/GSFC to work in the Goddard Earth
>         Sciences (GES) Data and Information Services Center (DISC).
>         Both of us will continue to be active GrADS users, and our
>         plan is to move the source code to GitHub where it will become
>         a more traditional open source project. Our development and
>         support of GrADS going forward will be a volunteer effort, but
>         I sincerely hope you will not interpret this news as a reason
>         to stop using GrADS. We feel that our recent changes to GrADS
>         make it a flexible and extendable tool with a stable core and
>         the necessary hooks for further customization by ambitious
>         users. COLA will continue to host this forum, and I will
>         remain as the moderator and frequent contributor. I promise to
>         do what I can to ensure that GrADS remains relevant, useful,
>         and fast.
>         —Jennifer
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>         Jennifer Miletta Adams
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