[gradsusr] Displaying GOES-R data in GRADS?

rabin at ssec.wisc.edu rabin at ssec.wisc.edu
Tue Feb 21 22:23:38 EST 2017


I am interested in plotting GOES-16 (GOES-R) data in GRADS.
The data are available as netCDF-4 files. I am able to display
radiance from a test file (model simulated),
but will need to define the navigation in order to 
correctly map the image. The netCDF-4 file doesn't include
lat/lon variables. It contains meta data needed to define the
satellite projection.
An array of lat/lon values can be computed for each grid point using
equations supplied in the GOES-R documentation.
My question is how to assign those arrays after opening the netCDF file
with "sdfopen". Can PDEF could be used to read in a file
with an array of lat/lon values? This wasn't clear to me from the 
GRADS documentation. If so, what would 
be the preferred options for using PDEF? For example, would one of these
option work?

PDEF isize jsize BILIN format byteorder fname
PDEF isize jsize GENERAL num format byteorder fname
PDEF isize jsize FILE num format byteorder fname

Thanks! -Bob Rabin

Thanks, -Bob 

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