[gradsusr] Compiling GrADS 2.2.0 on Debian 9.x

Jennifer M Adams jadams21 at gmu.edu
Tue Dec 5 11:56:35 EST 2017

> On Dec 2, 2017, at 7:51 AM, Fil <fil at meteopt.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was able to finally compile GrADS 2.2.0 on a Debian 9.1 system but unfortunately it's not working as expected. I get this error when drawing anything:
> ga-> d prmslmsl
> GRIB2 I/O Error: Predefined bitmap applies (ibmap=8589934604)
> Data Request Error:  Error for variable 'prmslmsl'
>   Error ocurred at column 1
> DISPLAY error:  Invalid expression
>   Expression = prmslmsl
> I guess that something went wrong with the g2clib compilation?
> I couldn't compile it with the suggested alteration to the INC variable:
> INC=-I$SUPPLUBS/include -I$UPPLIBS/include/libpng15
> So I entered the full paths:
> INC=-I/srv/grads/supplibs/include -I/srv/grads/supplibs/include/libpng15

In the g2clib makefile, there are some extra CFLAGS that may be forcing this error (“…Predefined bitmap applies…”). I was getting this error too, did some experimenting, and ended up with the third line below:

#CFLAGS= -fPIC -O3 -g -m64 $(INC) $(DEFS) -D__64BIT__
#CFLAGS= -fPIC -O3 -g -m64  $(INC) $(DEFS)

> Also added the 'U' flag to the ARFLAGS var so I didn't get a bunch of warnings about "deterministic mode" and the compilation went through without any errorst. The rest of the supplibs went fine except for dap/gadap which I don't really use.
> To compile grads successfully I had to export CFLAGS="-fPIC -ldl"
> The final binary is only 8.1 MB which seems odd given that all features were enabled.
> Any idea on what can be causing this error?
> I attached the config.log file.
> Thanks.
> PS: the provided binary builds on the grads website are not working for me. The rh and suse builds give me this error when using gxprint:
> libpng warning: Image width exceeds user limit in IHDR
> libpng warning: Image height exceeds user limit in IHDR
> libpng error: Invalid IHDR data

It may be an issue related to the version of libpng your build is linking to. What do you from this:
> ldd gxpCairo.so


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