[gradsusr] GFS hourly clouds output

James T. Potemra jimp at hawaii.edu
Thu Sep 29 14:25:06 EDT 2016

Hi Ivan,

Are you getting these from a single forecast run?  If not, and you are 
looking at an aggregation of different forecasts, you might be seeing an 
impact from re-initialization of the model (I think the GFS is run at 
00, 06, 12 and 18 daily).


On 9/27/16 10:26 AM, Ivan Toman wrote:
> Hello always helpful GrADS community;
> I have problem with displaying GFS 0.25deg hourly clouds. It seems to me
> that something is broken. It is hard to explain, but best explanation is
> this 24h animation: http://www.meteoadriatic.net/pub/clouds_01.gif
> So, it seems that clouds somehow "jump" at every 6th hour, and inbetween
> are less and less defined, something like averaged more and more every
> hour, until they "jump" little bit and become defined again well. And
> then again in loop that repeats it's behaviour every 6 hours...
> What is going on there?
> Many thanks,
> Ivan Toman
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