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Hi Guilong,

Please look at the end of this webpage for caveat of GrADS on polygon shapes: http://cola.gmu.edu/grads/gadoc/gadocindex.html.


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From: Li, Guilong (EC)
Date: 2016-10-21 03:16
To: gradsusr at gradsusr.org
Subject: [gradsusr] About set shp -poly
Hi Everyone,
I want to use GrADS polygon with color filled (shaded format) to generate shapefile in order to put it in ArcGIS. For points and lines, shapefile works well. But polygon has some problems.
Here is the code, I use GrADS 2.1.a3
'sdfopen ensmedium_climatology.nc'
'set grads off'
'set grid off'
'set gxout shp'
'set shp -poly 'filename
'd (cd3-cd0)'
'draw shp 'filename
And generated figure
There are a lot of vertical lines in each polygon. When I want to fill each polygon as a color (use set shpopts colornumber), all polygons are filled in one color.
So my questions are 1) how to remove these vertical lines 2) how to fill in different colors for different polygons.
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