[gradsusr] Interpolating HRRR 15 minute GRIB to 5 minute

Brandon Schmidt admin at wilmingtonwx.com
Sun Dec 18 23:15:18 EST 2016

Simplicity is definitely my first priority so I'd definitely opt for method
#1. Assuming I already have a control file open for a single HRRR
sub-hourly grid file with 4 time steps, what code is necessary to complete
the interpolation? I don't really like asking for code but in all the grads
scripting I've done, I'm at a loss this time. Assuming latitude is varying,
longitude is varying, and pressure is not (i.e. tmp2m), how do I go from
being able to display 4 steps of time to 12 steps of time? Do I need a
separate control file that defines 12 steps?

Thanks again - Brandon
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