[gradsusr] scatter plot to print values of proportional size in the scatter!

Muthuvel Chelliah - NOAA Federal muthuvel.chelliah at noaa.gov
Fri Apr 15 16:27:53 EDT 2016

Hi grads experts,

A) I have used simple scatter plots of 2 vars, as they are very simple
to do by setting gxout  to scatter.

Have u tried this one?
Suppose I have a third variable (which is, say, physically related to the
two variables), and instead of plotting a simple point in the above example
A, I want to plot/write_out the actual value of the third variable, the
font size of which is  proportional to the numeric value of the third
variable. U get it?

Any help will be appreciated. Jennifer (Adams), I know you may
have some tricks in your sleeve! :-)

Thanks a lot.

Dr. Muthuvel Chelliah, eMail: Muthuvel.Chelliah at noaa.gov
Rm. 3008, Climate Prediction Center, Ph: (301) 683-3393
NCEP/NWS/NOAA/U.S.Dept.of Commerce,
5830, University Research Court, NCWCP,
College Park, MD 20740
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