[gradsusr] How to use template option for .nc file (there is no .ctl, file)

Hoop hoop at colorado.edu
Mon Apr 4 13:23:30 EDT 2016


The standard script library:


includes the script sdfopent.gs.  It takes two additional
arguments beyond the one for sdfopen.  The second argument
is a template, like "pre_%y4_%m2_%d2.nc", and the third is
a count of time steps in the entire series.  The first argument
would be the first path in the time series.  See:



On 04/04/16 10:00, gradsusr-request at gradsusr.org wrote:
> Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2016 18:27:49 +0900
> From: lpasmanoranjan <lpasmanoranjan at gmail.com>
> Subject: [gradsusr] How to use template option for .nc file (there is
> 	no	.ctl file)
> To: GrADS Users Forum <gradsusr at gradsusr.org>
> Dear Users,
> I am having a problem in viewing the following dataset as template option.
> I have hourly dataset in .nc as following:
> 1995/01/pre_1995_01_01.nc
> 1995/01/pre_1995_01_02.nc
> 1995/01/pre_1995_01_03.nc
> 1995/01/pre_1995_01_04.nc
> 1995/01/pre_1995_01_05.nc
> 1995/01/pre_1995_01_06.nc
> and so on for 10 years
> *All individual datasets can be viewed in grads with sdfopen command*
> Can anybody please help me how to use template option.
> Thank you for any kind of help or suggestion in this regard.
> Kind Regards
> Mano

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