[gradsusr] w2grb from Wavewatch III output - grib2 variable names?

Elisabeth Donnell edonnell at weatherzone.com.au
Sun May 3 22:43:26 EDT 2015


I have been using the w2grb.gs script to put a number of paramters from model output of wavewatch 3 into a grib2 file. 
This works but I am having difficulties outputting peak wave period and the primary and secondary swell as grib2. 

Below is an extract from my grads script that has been working. 

'g2grb.gs hs /var/outgoing/twc-ww3/wzww3_'%time'.grb2 d='%analydate':HTSGW:surface:'%time' hour fcst' 
'g2grb.gs wu +/var/outgoing/twc-ww3/wzww3_'%time'.grb2 d='%analydate':UGRD:surface:'%time' hour fcst' 
'g2grb.gs wv +/var/outgoing/twc-ww3/wzww3_'%time'.grb2 d='%analydate':VGRD:surface:'%time' hour fcst' 
'g2grb.gs tmn +/var/outgoing/twc-ww3/wzww3_'%time'.grb2 d='%analydate':WVPER:surface:'%time' hour fcst' 
'g2grb.gs dirmndeg +/var/outgoing/twc-ww3/wzww3_'%time'.grb2 d='%analydate':WVDIR:surface:'%time' hour fcst' 
'g2grb.gs peakp +/var/outgoing/twc-ww3/wzww3_'%time'.grb2 d='%analydate':PERPW:surface:'%time' hour fcst' 
'g2grb.gs peakddeg +/var/outgoing/twc-ww3/wzww3_'%time'.grb2 d='%analydate':DIRPW:surface:'%time' hour fcst' 

However it turns out that the variable name PERPW is the primary wave period not the peak period. 
If I use PKPER (as it looks like it should be from http://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/docs/grib2/grib2_table4-2-10-0.shtml 
I get 
set_var could not find PKPER 

Is it a case of upgrading wgrib2 ( I am using wgrib2 V0.1.9.2c)? If so can I get a precompiled version somewhere that will on linux CENTOS? 

Additionally I want to output primary and secondary swell as grib2. These are not listed in the above table although it is implied in the Wavewatch documentation that these fields can be packed as grib2. So I am confused if I can convert these fields to grib2. 

Or perhaps there is another way to do this easily? 

Thanks for your time. 

Kind regards, 


Dr. Elisabeth Donnell 

M 0425322032 

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