[gradsusr] Creating a grads file from station data

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Sun Jan 25 09:01:12 EST 2015

Dear Sir
Sorry for writing you pesronally instead of using the forum. I have on several occassion tried to ask through the forum but i dont get response.
My question is i have station data which i would like to read using grads. So from search i noted that i need to convert my station dsts to gridded format either using fortran or c. I tried several times but i am unable to come up with a .dat or .bin file which can be read by grads using my descriptor file.ctl.
My Datas is in this format: 
Stn name   year month day var1 var2 var3 var4
A 2001 1 1 234 210 329 543

My descriptor file looks like this
Dset rainfall.dat
Dtype station
Stnmap rainfall.map
Undef -999
Title stationdata
Tdef 4 linear 1jan2000 1dy
Vars 4
Janprc 0 99 janary daily rainfall
Febprc 0 99 february daily rainfall
Up to ApRil

Can you please help me to convert my station dats to grads format so that i can read it in grads.

Charles Vanya

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