[gradsusr] vpage, parea, "hard limit", plot frame

Christopher Gilroy chris.gilroy at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 07:39:22 EST 2015

Is there any way to make a plot (NPS/SPS) against a "hard" boundary frame.

'set vpage 0.0 11.0 0.0 8.5'
'set parea 0.1 10.275 0.260 7.885'

'set mproj nps'
_latr='-25 150'
_lonr='-361 0'
'set lat '_latr
'set lon '_lonr
'set mpvals -270 70 15 20'

Makes the plot the full height which I want, but doesn't plot full left and
full right like how I traditionally use 'set mproj scaled'. The only reason
I use "scaled" for my normal plots instead of anything else is exactly
because of this reason.

I don't care if the plot would be empty or anything like that as that would
at least allow me to start seeing what me changing the numbers can do to
fix that. This is all in landscape too.

Ultimately I'm looking to make the plot/frame/annotation always draw at and
to 0.1 10.275 0.260 7.885 of the vpage regardless of the actual plot
dimensions. I wouldn't have a problem using latlon (it actually looks
nicer) but it doesn't allow the use of setting these "hard" limits and I
can't stand the default white borders on the output.
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