[gradsusr] little help with date!

giacomo tricarico mino-98 at hotmail.it
Wed Aug 19 15:22:17 EDT 2015

Hi everybody, how could I do so that I have a variable like ${fhr} (which, with my grads default script, becomes 00,03... until 48 due to the $lasthour=48, used for my output name files, such as Temp_00_d01, Temp_03_d01...) that is this type? :
For example the $firstdate has to be in bash language: firsdate=$(date +"%a, %d %b %Y") 00 UTC
and lastdate has to belastdate=$(date +"%a, %d %b %Y" -d "+2 days" 00 UTC
So it has to be a dynamic variable, that I could print in my various 00-->48h grads images.
I hope I explained well the situation
Thanks in advance :)
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