[gradsusr] netcdf file read

Naseema Beegum Shyju Nshyju at masdar.ac.ae
Thu Jun 5 02:05:50 EDT 2014

Thank you. It worked.
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This part of your var entries probably has errors:

  pH2SO4=>ph2so4  25 28,t,z,y,x pH2SO4 (the underline and bold portion)

That entry needs to reflect the order in which the array is built in the netCDF file.  The order can be seen when examining output from ncdump -h (look at the entry for each particular array).  I'm going to guess that first integer you have listed should not be there (unless your data has a fifth dimension that is somehow a function of some other variable such that it is that different between the different arrays).

If you need further help with this, please send output from ncdump -h on your file.

Jeff Duda

On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 12:51 AM, Naseema Beegum Shyju <Nshyju at masdar.ac.ae<mailto:Nshyju at masdar.ac.ae>> wrote:
Dear all,

I am trying to read netcdf file in grads (did not work sdfopen). I have created a ctl file as given below, after noting down the dimensions and variables using ncview.

But while displaying it shows the error  message " Index exceeds dimension bound Data Request Error:"

Please help me..

SET ^out.20140312_20140316_M12.nc<http://out.20140312_20140316_M12.nc>
UNDEF  1.e35
XDEF 86 LINEAR 48.5 0.10
YDEF 75 LINEAR 22.0 0.10
TDEF 25 LINEAR 00Z12mar2014 1HR
VARS  36
 H2O2=>h2o2 25  0,x,y,z,t H2O2
 HCNM=>hcnm 25 1,t,z,y,x HCNM
 HNO3=>hno3 25 2,t,z,y,x HNO3
 HONO=>hono 25 3,t,z,y,x HONO
 HOX=>hox 25 4,t,z,y,x HOX
 NO=>no   25 5,t,z,y,x NO
 NO2=>no2  25 6,t,z,y,x NO2
 NOX=>nox  25 7,t,z,y,x NOX
 NOY=>noy  25 8,t,z,y,x NOY
 O3=>o3   25 9,t,z,y,x O3
 OX=>ox  25 10,t,z,y,x OX
 PAN=>pan  25 11,t,z,y,x PAN
 PM10=>pm10 25 12,t,z,y,x PM10
 PM10ant=>pm10ant 25 13,t,z,y,x PM10ant
 PM10bio=>pm10bio 25 14,t,z,y,x PM10bio
 PM25=>pm25    25 15,t,z,y,x PM25
 PM25ant=>pm25ant 25 16,t,z,y,x PM25ant
 PM25bio=>pm25bio 25 17,t,z,y,x PM25bio
 ROOH=>rooh    25 18,t,z,y,x ROOH
 SO2=>so2    25 19,t,z,y,x SO2
 TOTPAN=>totpan  25 20,t,z,y,x TOTPAN
 airm=>airm    25 21,t,z,y,x airm
 hlay=>hlay    25 22,t,z,y,x hlay
 pAnA10=>pana10  25 23,t,z,y,x pAn10
 pAnBmp=>panbmp  25 24,t,z,y,x pAnBmp
 pBiA10=>pbia10  25 25,t,z,y,x pBiA10
 pBiBmP=>pbibmp  25 26,t,z,y,x pBiBmP
 pDust=>pdust   25 27,t,z,y,x pDust
 pH2SO4=>ph2so4  25 28,t,z,y,x pH2SO4
 phno3=>pHNO3   25 29,t,z,y,x pHNO3
 pISOPA1=>pisopa1 25 30,t,z,y,x pISOPA1
 pNH3=>pnh3    25 31,t,z,y,x pNH3
 pPPM=>pppm    25 32,t,z,y,x pPPM
 pWATER=>pwater 25 33,t,z,y,x pWATER
 relh=>relh    25 34,t,z,y,x relh
 temp=>temp    25 35,t,z,y,x temp

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