[gradsusr] HRAP precipitation grid

Maue, Ryan rnm02c at my.fsu.edu
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?Works perfectly Jennifer,

There are seemingly few sources of real-time and recent precipitation data -- glad to be able to use GrADS to visualize it.


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Hi, Ryan --
I subtracted hrap.xor from 401 and hrap.yor from 1601 and now it seems to fit with this PDEF:
pdef 1051 813 nps 388 1591 -105.000000 4.7625
xdef 1500 linear -135 0.05
ydef 700 linear 20 0.05

Note the new XDEF and YDEF axes do not need to match the size of the original grid; I used 0.05 degrees as a grid increment which kind of matches the native grid size, and made the axes big enough to cover the whole domain:

[cid:72EE7728-60EE-4D3C-B81F-20ADFAC2C4C9 at SME]


On Apr 9, 2014, at 5:14 PM, Maue, Ryan wrote:


Does anyone have a control file handy for the netcdf files that are provided by NWS AHPS?  My control file is a little bit off.  The grid is the HRAP 4 km polar stereographic.

Any help or guidance would be great!

I've uploaded an example here as well as the ascii output from the conversion program:

Location of the NWS Precip page:
dset ^nws_precip_conus_20140101.nc
dtype netcdf
title amountofprecip
undef -1
pdef 1051 813 nps 401 1601 -105.000000 4.7625
xdef 1051 linear -131.402908 .06366019047619047619
ydef 813 linear  20.761557  .04260785837438423645
ydef 813 linear  20.749580    0.04262164576
zdef 1 linear 1 1
tdef 1 linear 00:00Z01jan2014 1dy
vars 1
amountofprecip=>pcp  1 y,x amountofprecip


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