[gradsusr] diurnal average

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You can do something like:

'set t 1 4'
# t=400 would be 100 days. Change to the number of timesteps in your 22 years or data.
'define tave=ave(tair,t+0,t=400,4)'
'modify tave diurnal'

This will calculate the mean diurnal cycle (and make it a "climatological" variable) although, as Alan Robock said, you can't really get much information about the diurnal cycle from 6-hourly data.


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Dear  gradusers,

I am interested to see the diurnal averages of surface temperature over saudi arabia. Actually I have 22 years 'ERA Int' data having 4 time steps in each day (6 hourly). I would like to calculate diurnal mean cycle such that I left with only 4 points to see on the graph. How to check it in grads.


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