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Dear Mubashar,

ERA Int is not data, but a model product.  Reanalysis is notoriously bad 
at reproducing surface observations, as the surface values are the 
result of a model calculation and do not assimilate surface observations 
directly.  Furthermore, data every 6 hours cannot resolve the diurnal 
cycle.  If you insist on using ERA Int, get the hourly values from them.


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On 3/8/2011 8:33 AM, Mubashar Dogar wrote:
> Dear  gradusers,
> I am interested to see the diurnal averages of surface temperature 
> over saudi arabia. Actually I have 22 years 'ERA Int' data having 4 
> time steps in each day (6 hourly). I would like to calculate diurnal 
> mean cycle such that I left with only 4 points to see on the graph. 
> How to check it in grads.
> Regards,
> Mubashar
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