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Michael Kevin Hernandez mkh182 at psu.edu
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Well if your ctl file isn't in the same directory as your grb file, that
could be a source of error.  To fix that you can place it in the same
directory or change the path in the ctl file to match where you
SampleDatasets are.

On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 4:27 PM, Claude Dulait <claude.dulait at skynet.be>wrote:

> Good evening to all members of this forum,
> -I am a beginner ...and a poor limited sailor!
> -Have downloaded and installed grads-2.0.x-win32_superpack.exe. under
> Windows XP family Edition 2002 SP3
> -Have downloaded the 3 suggested files from the Tutorial as per
>  http://grads.iges.org/grads/gadoc/tutorial.html
> -The 3 files have been installed automatically in
> C\OpenGrads\Classic\test_data and in
> C\OpenGrads\Contents\Resources\SampleDatasets.
> -When I run Grads and introduce the first  command suggested "open
> model.ctl" I receive the following message "Open Error: Can't open binary
> data file File name = model.grb"
> -Have thus tried   "open  model.grb "  and I received the following message
> "Scanning description file: model.grb Open Error: Can't open description
> file."
> -Any hint to help me to start is more than welcome.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards.
> Claude.
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