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Is this procedure similar to combining files found in NCO? Or, is it only a way 
to combine multiple variables into one file without extending the time steps?
does this make sense?
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The netcdf operator 'ncks' can do this with a simple one-line command:  
ncks -h -A file1.nc file2.nc

The -h option does not modify the global attribute 'history', the -A options 
means the variables in file1 are appended to file2. There is no need for me to 
write a whole lot of code in GrADS to do this when it is so easy with ncks. 

On Sep 2, 2010, at 8:35 PM, Don.VanDyke at noaa.gov wrote:

>Is there a way to write multiple variables to one netCDF file through GrADS 
>instead of having to do separate files?  I've tried the obvious way of simply 
>issuing two sdfwrite commands to the same file, but it didn't work.  The second 
>variable just overwrote the first.  Thanks for any help given!
>Don Van Dyke
>NWS Tallahassee, FL
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