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Jennifer Adams jma at cola.iges.org
Thu Sep 2 11:53:42 EDT 2010

Hi, Everybody!

I have posted GrADS version 2.0.a9. The GrADS downloads web page (http://iges.org/grads/downloads.html 
) has been updated with links to the source code and a few pre- 
compiled binaries. Don Hooper and John Huddleston generously provide  
32-bit linux and windows binaries, I will post them when they are  
available as their busy schedules allow.

This new release has a rather long list of new features and bug fixes;  
many of these were implemented as a result of requests or reports from  
users (including the recent revelation of junk bytes at the beginning  
of some grib files). Thanks for your valuable input! Please see http://iges.org/grads/changelog-2.0.txt 
  for the complete list. I recommend you look carefully at the change  
log if you are going to use 2.0.a9.

There is a new GIS interface for creating shapefiles with contours  
(from gridded data) or points (from station or gridded data sets). New  
commands are set gxout shp, set shp, clear shp, set shpattr, and q  
shpopts. Please read the shapefiles documentation -- it will guide you  
to the reference pages for all the new commands and gives some  
examples (including images) of how to use this new capability.

To write out a KML file containing contours, use the new option '-ln'  
to set kml. The option to create a KML file with contours does not  
require any extra libraries and will always be enabled.

There are three new template substitution string options, for forecast  
times expressed in minutes, hours+minutes, or days+hours+minutes.  
Documentation page templates has been updated with more detailed  

There are two new startup options to use when invoking GrADS:
-a	sets the aspect ratio of the graphics page, so you are no longer  
limited to 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 8.5.
-C	enables colorization of the text in the command window
Please see http://iges.org/grads/gadoc/gradcomdgrads.html

Files that are templated on E but not T do not have to be padded with  
missing data if ensembles do not have same start/end times. This is  
for binary and SDF formats, it was never necessary for grib data.


Jennifer M. Adams
4041 Powder Mill Road, Suite 302
Calverton, MD 20705
jma at cola.iges.org

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