[gradsusr] Not all variables plotting

Huddleston, John Huddleston at cira.colostate.edu
Wed Sep 1 12:00:24 EDT 2010


Yes, it answers the question. The get_grib perl script written by Wesley uses curl to download the GFS data.

I believe that curl is adding the header content.

Jennifer said she would make a modification to GrADS in the next release; or,
You can figure out how to use the -H option in curl to suppress the Content header.
(If you do, please let us know)

John Huddleston, PhD
Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere

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I'm downloading a subset of the GFS data from url 
with get_grib.pl

	get_grib.pl "${url}"  $datadir/gfsgrb2.timestep

so the filenames are gfsgrb2.00 gfsgrb2.03 gfsgrb2.06 etc

I then g2ctl and gribmap as per below.

I've had a look and the GRIB2 files have the "junk" characters which Jennifer 
recently mentioned at the start before the word "GRIB".  Thing is the rest of 
the processing works its just some variables plot and others don't.

Is that any good for you?

On Wednesday 01 Sep 2010 15:44:39 Huddleston, John wrote:
> James
> Give me an example name of the GFS file you are opening.
> John Huddleston, PhD
> Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
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> Hi
> I've upgraded my laptop to Opensuse 11.3 but am having some trouble
> accessing grib2 data using the latest version of OpenGrADs.
> I've put OpenGrads Version 2.0.a8.oga.1 for Linux on this machine.
> >From the Grib2 data I make a ctl file using g2ctl v 0.0.4o - this seems
> >fine.
> gribmap -i $datadir/gfsgrb2.ctl works okay (well makes a plausable .idx
> file).
> In grads I open the gfsgrb2 file okay, and it plots winds and some
> variables okay.
> However, for others I get the message:
> ga-> d apcpsfc
> GRIB2 I/O error: message not found
> Data Request Error:  Error for variable 'apcpsfc'
>   Error ocurred at column 1
> DISPLAY error:  Invalid expression
>   Expression = apcpsfc
> I can get it to work using an old (v 2.0.a5) grads executable, but the
> latest v isn't happy with around 50% of variables.
> One thought is it a problem with the undef setting?
> I note my .ctl file has undef 9.999E+20 which isn't the standard anymore.
> Any ideas?
> James


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