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2009/6/18 Hyacinth Cyprain Nnamchi <hc.nnamchi at>

> Dear Grads users,
> I have two datasets for which i want get the areal anomaly time series
> (anom = x-mean)for two domains:
> a) lon=0,lon=360; lat=60S,lat=45S
> b) lon=15W,15E;lat=2N,lat=10N
> For each domain i want to have a single time series for t=1,t=last.My
> problem is how to apply the appropriate weighting functions.
> Can anyone help with a Fortran subroutine? Is there any GrADS function that
> can do this?

The aave() function will perform the correct area averaging, e.g.,

set x 1
set y 1
set t 1 last
d aave(u,lon=0,lon=360,lat=-60,lat=-45)

Read he User's Guide for more information.


> Thanks in advance.
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