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   I am having some problems with undef handling in 2.0.a6. Using COLA's Mac
OS X build (intel):

ga-> sdfopen
ga-> d ua
Contouring: -9e+08 to 0 interval 1e+08

It does not seem to be handling UNDEFs properly. Which grads version is
behind the monsoondata GDS?


On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 11:34 AM, Jennifer Adams <jma at> wrote:

> Dear All,I have posted a new version of GrADS: 2.0.a6. The GrADS downloads
> web page (**<>)
> has been updated with links to the source code and a few pre-compiled
> binaries. Version 2.0.a6 is mostly a bug fix release, but it does have a
> couple of nice new features:
> *1. The user can control the undef value in all GrADS output*
> This feature controls the undefined values printed to screen with the
> 'gxout stat' and the 'gxout print' output, as well as the undefined values
> in fwrite, sdfwrite, and geotiff files. The output undef value is controlled
> with the 'set undef' command. *This feature changes the default behavior
> of GrADS*, but it is in keeping with the new undef handling in GrADS 2.0.
> The default output undef value is -9.99e8. This release works fine with GDS
> 2.0. I have written a documentation page. Please READ THE DOCUMENTATION!
> *
> 2. The maximum number of user-defined colors has been increased from 99 to 255
> *
> To help you get started using 255 colors, I have written two scripts:
>  (defines a lot of colors
> and draws a demo plot)
>   (draws a suitable color
> bar)
> Please feel free to copy and modify these scripts to suit your own needs.
> Here is the complete list of changes in 2.0.a6:
> Features:
> * Maximum number of user-defined colors increased from 99 to 255.
> * New commands "set undef" and "query undef" allow the user to
> control the undefined data value for all forms of GrADS output.
> This affects all the undefined values printed to screen in the
> 'gxout stat' and 'gxout print' output, as well as the undefined
> values in fwrite, sdfwrite, and geotiff files.
> The default output undef value is -9.99e8.
>     Bugs:
>     * Fixed geotiff code to write out data in correct format
>     * Fixed the background image option to printim
>     * Fixed gancgrid I/O for variables with dimensions in a funky order (i.e. not ETZYX)
>     * Fixed gancgrid response if request is outside of file's bounds
>     * Fixed 'close' command to properly reset defaults
>     * Fixed gribmap printing debugging and error messages in verbose mode
>     * Replaced library function call SDiscoordvar in gasdf.c
>     Misc:
>     * more informative error messages when request is beyond file's limits
>     * added chsub option to xdfopen-style descriptors
>     * added -n flag to gr2stn for nearest neighbor option
>     * changed hard-coded undefs from -9.99e33 to -9.99e8
>     * changed hard-coded XYBMAX from 500 to 5000 in gxshad.c
>     * configure and src code changes to get rid of XLIBEMU
>     * fixes to GUI configuration
>     * bug fix in gaio.c to change vars lskip and lgrib to type g2int
>     * changed var type to off_t and fixed? optimization issues for x86_64 builds
>     * changed Pixel to gaPixel
>     * removed pcx11e.* from src directory
>     * changed #include syntax for gabufr.h in grads.h
> --
> Jennifer M. Adams
> 4041 Powder Mill Road, Suite 302
> Calverton, MD 20705
> jma at

Arlindo da Silva
dasilva at
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