suggestion for transparent colour in shaded-plots

Brian Doty doty at COLA.IGES.ORG
Tue Jan 27 19:08:11 EST 2009

I plan on having a solution for this in the next six months or so....

On Jan 27, 2009, at 6:12 PM, Goodson,Ron [Edm] wrote:

> Just a suggestion -- any chance of adding the ability to designate
> a colour number as transparent when doing "gxout shaded" plots?
> I know you can set the lowest shade to the background colour so it
> "looks" like nothing is being drawn (even though it is).  But that
> doesn't help when you want to have two separately shaded parameters
> (each between some limits so that neither cover the entire
> graphic)... as drawing the 2nd parameter overwrite the first.
> I currently do this by using maskout() to control what is valid
> data to draw.  But that leaves big-jagged edges based upon the
> resolution of my grid so is neither accurate, nor visually
> appealing (understandable as I see maskout as being more for
> calculations/analysis than for display)
> If a colour could be marked as transparent - then I could use that
> for the colour of my lower/upper limits of my shaded area and be
> able to smoothly overlay 2 different shaded areas.  Perhaps it
> would simply set the operation to XOR or something like that?
> ron

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