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Please find attached two GrADS scripts:
  uses minimum sea-level or surface pressure to identify "center" (user
defines variable name)
  can specify more than one "model"
  uses up to 3 different parameters to find "center": surface pressure,
relative vorticity, max wind (user defines an area for finding "center"
for each time level)
  specify one "model" (can specify separate input datasets for
vorticity, max wind)

I hope this helps.
If you decide to use either of the scripts, and have questions, please
let me know.


Tarana Mahzabin wrote:
> Dear users,
> I have some Lat lon value of Cyclone Eye position.
> Is there any way to plot this data through GrADS...
> so that I can get the track?
> Any body can help me,Please.
> Tarana


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