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You can create a stippling effect for your top layer (area of freezing
rain) like this:

set gxout grid
set grid off
set gridln off
set digsiz 0.02
d const(maskout(cfrzr,cfrzr-0.5),0)

This will draw little tiny 0's at the center of every grid point that
has a cfrzr value > 0.5. You may have to play with the digsize to get
it to look just right. And you can use 'set ccolor' to control the
color of the stippling.


On Jan 5, 2009, at 1:06 PM, Walsh, Brian J wrote:

> I am trying to do a plot of 3 variables; one is shaded (dew point
> depression), the second is dashed contours (temperature) and the
> third is area of freezing rain (solid contour).  Is there any
> function in grads where I can fill the solid contour with something
> such as dots, stripes, lines, etc. or is this not possible since I
> already have one variable being shaded?
> Thanks,
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