Wgrib2 v1.7.8e upload to sf.net

Arlindo da Silva dasilva at ALUM.MIT.EDU
Sat Feb 28 11:50:58 EST 2009

A note for Windows users of wgrib2,

  I have uploaded 2 type of wgrib2.exe binaries for windows:

1)  wgrib2-v0.1.7.8e-bin-i686-pc-cygwin.tar.gz

   This i what you want to use with Win32 GrADS; just drop the
wgrib2.exe under the win32/ directory and you should be set to go (the
dependency on cygwin1.dll will be taken care of this way). By itself,
if you do not have cygwin install it will not work.

2)  wgrib2-v0.1.7.8e-bin-i686-pc-win32.tar.gz

    This is a self-contained native win32 build which does not depend
on cygwin (POSIX layer for Windows). However, the ASCII output follow
the Windows/MS-DOS convention for text files and it may or may not
work with Win32 GrADS --- use the cygwin build in 1) for grads work.


Arlindo da Silva
dasilva at alum.mit.edu

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