possible to improve Grads for some deficiencies?

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You are right, that's what I can do now. I may ask for too much. I expect grads like matlab, which has no this kind of problems.


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I have been using Grads for many years. As I know, there are some deficiencies in Grads I can not slove it since I have no knowledge about the source code of Grads.
1. on the last line of script, one "Return" must be added, otherwise it fail to run the last line.
2.  * is used to comment some certain lines in script, but * must be placed in the first column, otherwide will report the error. It's not useful to let the script nice-looking and easy to read. Does it like matlab, * can be placed anywhere for commenting.
The points above might be easily solved by code developer, aren't they?
Perhaps, but GrADS development resources are limited, and both problems are solved much more easily by
1) putting a carriage return at the end of your script
2) putting a ; right before the * in your comment


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