Wgrib2 v1.7.8e upload to sf.net

Arlindo da Silva dasilva at ALUM.MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 25 22:35:08 EST 2009


  After almost a year I have updated the sources and binaries of
wgrib2 on sf.net to the latest v1.7.8e:


  The sources are essentially the same sources fromWes Ebisuzaki's
site at NOAA/CPC:


with an autoconfiscated build. You can build it with the same supplibs
you used to build grads. For now, binaries for Linux i686/x86_64, Mac
OS X/Intel and FreeBSD i386. I'll post Win32 builds later.

      Enjoy, and let me know of any problems,


Arlindo da Silva
dasilva at alum.mit.edu

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