New supplibs-2.1.0

Arlindo da Silva dasilva at ALUM.MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 24 12:50:27 EST 2009


  I have posted on a new version of the baselibs:

 This version adds several new packages

        * tiff: added v3.8.3 (for GrADS v2.0.a5)
        * geotiff: added v1.2.5 (for GrADS v2.0.a5)
        * cairo: added v1.8.6 (for gxyat and future use)
        * pixman: added v0.13.2 (needed by cairo)
        * fontconfig: added v2.6.0 (needed by cairo)
        * freetype: added v2.3.8 (needed by cairo)
        * shp: added v1.2.10 added

The following packages have been updated:

        * netcdf: updated to v4.0.1beta3
        * hdf5: updated to v1.8.2
        * dap: updated to v3.7.10 for compatibility with NetCDF-4
        * gadap: merged with COLA v2.0 and patched

while some have been removed:

        * nc-dap: netcdf 4.0.1 includes this functionality
        * netcdf4: removed (main netcdf is now has v4.0.1)
        * neXtaw: removed as it does not work with Ubuntu and Xaw
          works just fine

Besides the new libraries to support the new geotiff feature in GrADS
v1.0.a5 we have introduced a major upgrade in NetCDF to v4.0.1 which
has OPeNDAP support built in. This will allow us to have a single
GrADS executable capable of handling all the supported formats:
NetCDF-3 (classic NetCDF), NetCDF-4/HDF-5 (which supports compression
among other things), GRIB-1/2, OPeNDAP URLs and sequential/stream
binaries. The cairo and shape libraries are not yet being used to
build the core grads package, but have been included to support
upcoming features.

VERY IMPORTANT:  The current official GrADS v2.0.a5 sources from COLA
do not yet build with these supplibs. So,             at this point
your best choice for building COLA's v2.0.a5 release are the
supplibs-2.0.1.  I'll announce in a separate message an OpenGrADS
patch to COLA sources that build with these libraries.

Please let me know of any problems and please contact me directly if
you would like to contribute binaries for a platform not yet included.
(I am currently working on the Windows port.)



Arlindo da Silva
dasilva at

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