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On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 9:32 AM, Jennifer Adams <jma at> wrote:
> Hi, Arlindo --
> I have cc'd gradsusr on this question, since I think it is of general
> interest.
> The image files created with 'gxout geotiff' and 'gxout kml' are roughly
> equivalent to the display inside the plot area of 'gxout grfill' -- a grid
> of pixels without anything else. So, if you issue the following commands:
> 'set parea 0 11 0 8.5'
> 'set grid off'
> 'set mproj scaled'
> 'set x 0.5 720.5'
> 'set y 0.5 381.5'
> 'set mpdraw off'
> 'set grads off'
> 'd variable'
> 'printim x720 y381'
> Then you would create a PNG that is roughly equivalent to the TIFF and you
> could substitute that file name in the KML and it would work just as well.

Would it make sense to add a convenience -kml option to printim?

  printim -kml z720 y381 image.png

where the KML file image.kml would be based on the current dimension


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