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Eduardo Agosta Scarel eduardo.agosta at GMAIL.COM
Fri May 23 16:58:57 EDT 2008


When using fwrite command I have came across with the following error:

The original file is in netcdf, with fwrite is converted to binary. Then
when I open it again using a proper ctl file, I find that the current plot
is a bit distorted or deformated; i.e. it seems the plot lines  do not match
in certain areas, over ones they are better, over others, worse. My question

How does fwrite command save the binary data lat-lon order? Perhaps the
problem is there.
There may be a problem with definition of missing data?

Any ohter suggestive help?

Bellow I am showing the ctl file I created so that plots from the direct
nc.file and from the bin file match one another better.
The attachment will show you the 300 hPa air temperature from the netcdf
file and from the binary-created file via the ctl file for a day, as an

Thanks in advance


DSET     c:/grads19/data/prueba4.bin
TITLE     temperatura en 1000
UNDEF    9.36e36f
*OPTIONS sequential
*XDEF     12 levels -165 -135 -105 -75 -45 -15 15 45 75 105 135 165
*YDEF      6 levels -57.5 -52.5 -47.5 -42.5 -37.5 -32.5
XDEF   144 LINEAR -60 2.5
YDEF    73 LINEAR -90 2.5
*YDEF  93 GAUST62 1
ZDEF       1 levels 50
TDEF       1 linear 1jan1950 1yr
VARS      1
x 0 99 var
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