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Thu May 22 17:45:17 EDT 2008

Hi there,

When you write the file in the FORM='UNFORMATTED' using fortran, it will be
written as a binary file. Try opening the file after you write it.


On 5/23/08, Aditsuda Jamroensan <aditsuda-jamroensan at uiowa.edu> wrote:
> Dear GrADS user
>     I'm a new user. I want to convert text file to binary file. I went
> through the section 'Creating a station file' but I didn't understand some
> codes.
> My question: What does FORM='UNFORMATTED', RECORDTYPE='STREAM' mean?
> and Could any one give me Fortran90 example codes to change text file to
> binary file?
> Thanks
> Ada
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