Writing NETCDF files form GRADS 1.94b?

Kevin M Levey klevey at CUSTOMWEATHER.COM
Tue May 20 14:47:58 EDT 2008

TUE 20MAY08: 1140PDT

Dear Grads Users

I was always under the impression that one could NOT write out NETCDF
files from GRADS directly, but that you had to use LATS4D to
accomplish this.

However, on the latest update of the GRADS pages found at: http://grads.iges.org/grads/downloads.html

I see this:

The GrADS exectuables for versions 1.9 and earlier are as follows:
gradsc  Reads GRIB, gridded binary, BUFR, GrADS station data
Writes GRIB
gradsnc Reads GRIB, gridded binary, BUFR, GrADS station data, NetCDF
Writes GRIB, NetCDF

Is this a mistake, and if not, how does one write NETCDF formatted
output directly from GRADS 1.9b4? I thought one could only write
gridded binary files. I have never been able to find any documentation
regarding this (writing NETCDF output from GRADS). I know that version
2.0 is slated to have the NETCDF "write" functionality built into it
in upcoming releases.

Thanks in advance.


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