grads 2.0.a2 segfault

Stefan Gofferje gradsusers at GOFFERJE.HOMELINUX.ORG
Mon May 19 10:30:55 EDT 2008


got a segfault...

Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS) Version 2.0.a2
Copyright (c) 1988-2008 by Brian Doty and the
Institute for Global Environment and Society (IGES)
See file COPYRIGHT for more information

Config: v2.0.a2 little-endian readline printim grib2 netcdf
Issue 'q config' command for more information.
Landscape mode? ('n' for portrait):
GX Package Initialization: Size = 11 8.5
ga-> open ../grib/gfs.t06z.pgrb2.ctl
Scanning description file:  ../grib/gfs.t06z.pgrb2.ctl
Data file ../grib/gfs.t06z.pgrb2 is open as file 1
LON set to 0 360
LAT set to -90 90
LEV set to 1000 1000
Time values set: 2008:5:19:6 2008:5:19:6
E set to 1 1
Making defines
Define Error:  Unable to allocate data memory
  Size of request was 1860195 grid elements
Segmentation fault

root at k-tanco:/web/weather/grads> uname -a
Linux k-tanco #1 SMP 2008/02/01 19:36:55 UTC i686
athlon i386 GNU/Linux

What else do you need?

Greetings from Finland,
Stefan Gofferje

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