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Arlindo da Silva dasilva at ALUM.MIT.EDU
Mon May 19 08:26:39 EDT 2008

On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 6:43 AM, Manish Singh <singhmanish1010 at>

> Hi all, i am working on sgi machine,my ctl file is as below -
> dset  ^
> dtype netcdf

If you are producing your file with "fwrite" it is not "netcdf", so remove
this line. If you would like to produce netcdf files, use lats4d.

> options byteswapped big_endian template

The option "byteswapped" is deprecated, being replaced by either
"little_endian" or "big_endian". Since you are on a SGI (and I am assuming
you have a MIPS processor, do a "uname -m" to find out) keep the
"big_endian". If you have a SGI Altix (IA64) specify "little_endian". In any
case, remove the "byteswapped".


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