Problem with grib2map - GrADS 2.0 item

mmacleod mmacleod at SCOTIAWEATHER.COM
Fri May 16 13:27:30 EDT 2008

Good afternoon Folks.

I have a bit of a strange problem.   On May 15th, I was converting some
of our GrADS1 control files to GrADS 2 so our current scripts will run
without change.   I was working with NAM Tile 34 and had it work and
producing text output files and graphs.

This morning I decided to convert the control file for the full NAM (90
km resolution) files.  I am working on an Intel box with Ubuntu Linux
O/S.  When I ran grib2map on the control file I received a segmentation
fault.  I restarted (rebooted after power down) the computer and tried
again with same error.  Then I tried the same Tile 34 control file with
no change except to change the date from May 15 to 16th as the grib file
are now for the 16th as I cleared the May 15th files from the system
after my test.  I now get the following message from grib2map:

Open Error:  Data file type invalid
  --> The invalid description file record is:
  --> dtype grib2

  The data file was not opened.
File name is:  ETA34.ctl

I am working through Putty to the Linux box but the editor shows that
the control file is in Unix format (as opposed to DOS format).  I have
powered down and restarted the Linux box three times to ensure it was
not a box problem.

I tried this with Tile 23 and got the same information.  I moves the
dtype  line to below the index line  and then the  message says  that
index is the invalid description record.  Index reads: Index pascals

I am attaching the Tile 34 control file and one of the Tile 34 grib
files for your use if you can solve the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Mac MacLeod

M.A. (Mac) MacLeod
President and General Manager
Scotia Weather Services Inc
192 Wyse Road, Suite 8,
Dartmouth, N.S. B3A 1M9

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