Velocity potential for limited and irregular domains

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Fri Mar 28 10:10:20 EDT 2008

Dear Mr Arlindo,

     As I mentioned to you in my previous email, there
is a related article entitled "Computation of the
Streamfunction and Velocity Potential for Limited and
Irregular Domains" by Zhijin Li, Yi Chao and James C.
McWilliams [mwr2006, vol 134].  I therefore look
forward to someone who can contribute and assist you
to develop a GrADS user-defined function for this
purpose.  Meanwhile, based on your fish(), I use a
manipulative but lengthy method to convert the
irregular grids of MM5 output into a global and
regular 2.5 x 2.5 grids so as to derive the 200 hPa
velocity potential and the divergent winds. [Please
see the attached document for my step-by-step
methodology.] The .ctl file is the same as that given
by Dr. Hamza who posed similar questions to you.  My
output appears to be reasonable except

     (1) the zero velocity potential line is over
Malaysia in the MM5 output;
     (2) I could not relabel the lat and lon as those
in MM5 model output. [Can anyone tell me how to
overcome it ?]

     I earnestly hope that you or Dr Mike Fiorino or
any GrADS user can help to point out to me whether or
not my method is correct.

     Thank you and best regards.


(Mr) Ooi See Hai

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