Draw wxsymbols from model data

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Mon Mar 17 06:03:15 EDT 2008


I think it's not the answer that you are expecting

I once got fed up with the graphical quality of GrADS
weather symbols that are standard, and started using
IM combined with GrADS to put symbols on the image.

That's from GFS by the way. So I think that rain drops
and snowflakes can be replaced by weather symbols here
as well, but I'm using Grads for ploting the intensity
fields and defining the areas where the symbols should
be overlayed only in this case (according to the
precipitation type).


--- Stefan Gofferje
<gradsusers at GOFFERJE.HOMELINUX.ORG> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> is there a way to draw wxsymbols from model data?
> E.g. GFS contains parameters like CRAIN or CSNOW
> which give 1 if there
> will be Snow or rain and 0 if there wouldn't be.
> I've been experimenting quite a while but I didn't
> get useable results.
> I had something in mind like that:
> Any hints?
> Tervehdys Suomesta,
> Stefan Gofferje
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