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Arlindo da Silva dasilva at ALUM.MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 13 19:46:07 EDT 2008

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 5:10 PM, Michael Splitt <msplitt at> wrote:

> I normally run GRADS in a Linux environment, but am working with
> colleagues that are running Windows. I downloaded the win32e
> distribution and am able to get GRADS to start and it gives me
> the normal GUI.

The last win32e release was v1.8SL11 built ca. 2002, and it is known to have
issues with Vista, perhaps even later incarnations of WindowsXP.

> My problem is that I can't seem to get gribmap to run on XP.
> hen I issue the command I don't get any output (including when
> running in verbose mode) and the .idx file is not created. I have
> tried several of the "backward compatability" options  for the
> gribmap executable but still no luck. Any suggestions?

Why don't you try a more recent build? My latest is the v1.9.0-rc1 available

Get the "win32_superpak.exe". Installation instructions and troubleshooting
can be found here:

Keep in mind that this is not an official version supported by COLA. It is
meant as a "release candidate" enabling the extensions.


ps: I am planning a maintenance release in the next few days fixing some
Windows specific issues reported by users. Search the list for details.

-- Arlindo da Silva
dasilva at
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