Trajectory plot

Alexander Beck-Ratzka alexander.beck-ratzka at AEI.MPG.DE
Wed Mar 12 05:25:54 EDT 2008

On Wednesday 12 March 2008, Michel dos Santos Mesquita wrote:
> Dear Grads' Users,
> I am new to GrADS and I would like to make a plot of different storm
> trajectories. Each storm is defined by a set of lat and lon values.
> Normally, I do that using Matlab or NCL, but I would like to use GrADS
> this time, since my other plots are in GrADS. I have searched your
> website/mailing list and I found the command "draw line", with which I
> could plot a line using the x/y position of the storm center. My
> questions are:
> 1) Is there a function to convert my lat/lon data to the x/y positions
> of the plot in GrADS?
> 2) If I use 'draw line' to each segment of a storm trajectory, how can
> I smooth that trajectory in the end?
> 3) Is 'draw line' the only function for plotting trajectories ?
> I would like to thank you so much in advance!

I've written some GrADS function for plotting directories in the way you've
desired, but this is long ago, I think it was 1994/1995.

What I still remember (because I wasn't familar to C at this time) is that the
data must be available in the stream format (what Fortran doesn't offer).

If you need more informations I need to have a look to my old functions.
However, I don't know if I can still find anything. You'll here from
tomorrow, or next week on Monday.



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