wgrib2 for Solaris8 and user defined extensions installing problems

Don Hooper hoop at COLORADO.EDU
Tue Mar 4 19:44:32 EST 2008

Arlindo, et al.,

I've put a very statically built version of wgrib2 for Solaris 8+
at ftp://ftp.cdc.noaa.gov/Public/dhooper/wgrib2_static_solaris8
It only has dynamic dependencies on the math and C libraries.
As for the shared X libraries in my Solaris builds of various versions
of GrADS, well, if I could *find* static versions of all of the X11
libraries that GrADS needs, I'd use them.  But there are several for
which I only have shared libraries.  If anyone has any suggestions for
rectifying the situation, I'd be pleased to hear them.


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