problems with opening unformatted direct file.

lantao sun lantaosun at GMAIL.COM
Sat Jun 28 01:44:47 EDT 2008

Dear all,

I write a simple file in FORTRAN by:
       open (51,file='uwind.dat',form='unformatted,
       write(51,rec=1) rad
       write(51,rec=2) ub
Here ub and radm is defined as:  real ub(2001,2001), radm(2001,2001).
The control file is:
DSET ^uwind.dat
    TITLE  Teq zonal wind
    UNDEF -8888.8
    XDEF 1 LINEAR  1 1
    YDEF 2001 Linear 0 0.045
    ZDEF 2001 Linear 0 0.0525
    TDEF 1 LINEAR 0Z00JAN0000 1mo
    VARS 2
    rad  2001 99 total field
    ub   2001 99 total field
When I use GrADS to plot *rad*, it works well, but when I try to plot *ub*,
although the values of ub are not *NaN* (I have print them out in FORTRAN),
it shows: *Contouring: nan to nan interval inf*. Anyone has any idea how
this happen and how to deal with it? I can not understand why the first
variable is good but the second is bad when plotting by GrADS.

Thank you very much.

btw: In FORTRAN both variables works well. I have tried to read the files
and they are all right. The problem only happens in GrADS plotting.
Lantao Sun
Graduate Student
University of Illinois, Urbana,61801
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