land ocean mask

Sachin Ghude sachinghude at TROPMET.RES.IN
Tue Jun 17 08:46:43 EDT 2008

Dear All,

I am using following set of expressions to plot an area averaged time series of the CO
data (which covers data over land and also over ocean). Could somebody advice me how
to plot a time series which will take only data over land and not data over ocean.

'set x 1'
'set y 1'
'set t 1 132'
'set gxout print'
'set prnopts %g 1 1'
'd tloop(aave(CO,lon=81,lon=91,lat=20,lat=27))'
say result
write ('C:\CO_timeseries.xls',result)

thanks in advance

Sachin Ghude

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