Hi urgent help

Kanawade, V.P. vpk1 at LEICESTER.AC.UK
Tue Jun 17 07:47:13 EDT 2008

Dear All,

I have Carbon monoxide (CO) data (5.0 deg. Gridded) for latitude range -90 to 90 and longitude range -180 to 180.
I would like to plot CO map and plot the month's averaged wind fields (wind vector) on top of them to look at the trajectories.

ASCII CO file contains longitude, latitude and CO vmr's

Please could anyone suggest how to read ASCII file and plot CO data with overplot wind vector in Grads.

Sorry forgot to mention that I know how to generate wind vector plot and want to know how to read ASCII file and do overplot.

Your help is much appreciated
Thank you in adv.

Best regards,

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