Using Shape Files in GrADS

Arlindo da Silva dasilva at ALUM.MIT.EDU
Fri Jul 25 00:30:55 EDT 2008

On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 12:32 PM, Stephen R McMillan
<smcmillan at> wrote:
> Arlindo,
> I'm not yet familiar with how to build from sources, but I appreciate your
> mentioning that option.
> Regarding the usage syntax, did you mean shp_polyf instead of shp_polyg?

Yes, sorry for the typo.

>  Otherwise, what is "polyg" supposed to do? Also, in their present state (on
> current version I'm using), both shp_polyf and shp_lines require either 1 or
> 3 arguments.

That was the bug. It should require 1 or 2.

If I try two args as in your example, I get the GrADS error
> "invalid number of arguments; need 1 or 3 but got 2". If this error is
> valid, then the user will need to know the following for proper use:
> Arg1        Shapefile name such as "admin98"
> Arg2        Presumably some object identifier, such as the "8" you
> mentioned. Also, how to determine the range of acceptable object
> identifiers.

When you plot the whole things it prints this out. It would be good to
add an option to query for this.

I'll see if I can get a build this weekend.


Arlindo da Silva
dasilva at

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