Year issue in v2.0.a3?

Matt Alonso matt.alonso at GMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 19 12:15:02 EST 2008

Good Afternoon All,

I'm running into something which I don't quite understand while trying to
display some GFS data which I get from the NCEP FTP site (  If
this is a known issue or if I am doing something wrong, I apologize.

In order to get the data in a format GrADS can handle I create a CTL file
using g2ctl and then convert the data using gribmap for each file
individually.  When attempting to display data that is a valid for a year
that is different than a file opened before it I will get an error like the
one at the end of this email.  In that particular example I open the
20081219 00Z GFS fcst files for forecast hours 300
(gfs.t00z.pgrbf20081219300.grib2) and 312 (gfs.t00z.pgrbf20081219312.grib2)
- which are valid for 12Z 20081231 and 00Z 20090101 respectively - and I can
display any variable from the first file fine.  However, as soon as I
attempt to display a variable from the second file I get an error.  If I
restart grads and open fcst hrs 312 and 324, I can display variables without
any problems.

As a sanity check I tried this example with the 00Z run on 20081218.  If I
attempt to open files which span different years (in this case 324 and 336)
I get the same results.  Is there something I am doing wrong or is there
anyway around this?

Thanks in advance.


[ops at ops1 crt_gfs_weekly_snow_plots]$ grads -lb

Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS) Version 2.0.a3
Copyright (c) 1988-2008 by Brian Doty and the
Institute for Global Environment and Society (IGES)
See file COPYRIGHT for more information

Config: v2.0.a3 little-endian readline printim grib2 netcdf hdf4-sds
Issue 'q config' command for more information.
GX Package Initialization: Size = 11 8.5
Running in Batch mode
ga-> open /data/maps/grads_data/20081219/gfs.t00z.pgrbf20081219300.ctl
Scanning description file:
Data file
/data/gfs_grib_data/grib/200812_grib_data/gfs.t00z.pgrbf20081219300.grib2 is
open as file 1
LON set to 0 360
LAT set to -90 90
LEV set to 1000 1000
Time values set: 2008:12:31:12 2008:12:31:12
E set to 1 1
ga-> open /data/maps/grads_data/20081219/gfs.t00z.pgrbf20081219312.ctl
Scanning description file:
Data file
/data/gfs_grib_data/grib/200812_grib_data/gfs.t00z.pgrbf20081219312.grib2 is
open as file 2
ga-> d cinsfc.2
Data Request Error: Invalid grid coordinates
  World coordinates convert to non-integer  grid coordinates
    Variable = cinsfc.2  Dimension = 3
  Error ocurred at column 1
DISPLAY error:  Invalid expression
  Expression = cinsfc.2
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