Writing Numerical Value on Screen

Matt Georgescu matt1 at CEP.RUTGERS.EDU
Thu Jul 12 18:00:31 EDT 2007

Fellow GrADS users, i have what i presume to be a simple question, yet i
can't figure it out.

i perform a graphical calculation. i then set gxout stat to pull some
statistics out - what i want to do, is simply pull a number from the 'set
gxout' output, and write it as text to the same graphical page where i
drew my map.

after i draw my map, i invoke this:
'set gxout stat'
val = sublin(result,11)
word = subwrd(result,2)
'draw string 7.75 0.4 Domain Avg = 'word

the last line doesn't actually print my numerical result 'word'. I imagine
that this is because GrADS reads 'word' as a character ... how can i get
around this?


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