Histogram with Station Data

Matt Georgescu matt1 at CEP.RUTGERS.EDU
Tue Jul 10 14:46:01 EDT 2007

I had an identical question some weeks/months ago, but couldn't find

Instead, I made use of Fortran and simply wrote out a GrADS-readable 1-D
array. When I plot my figure it doesn't have the standard histogram
appearance (though, one could just "set gxout bar", although i just used a
contour), but i found that Fortran was the simplest way to get around this
(apparent?) GrADS deficiency.


On Tue, 10 Jul 2007, Katherin Kullgren wrote:

> Dear Users:
> I have searched through the archives, and found one script for a histogram
> posted years ago.  I have been trying to work with it, but I am still having
> trouble.  Does anyone has a script, or some direction that I can take to
> plot a histogram with station data?
> Thank you for your time~
> Katherin

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