Grib2 UV winds

Wesley Ebisuzaki Wesley.Ebisuzaki at NOAA.GOV
Fri Jul 6 09:51:32 EDT 2007


  To make each submessage into its own message (field), try

    wgrib2 old.grb2 -grib new.grb2

   Another way to view the grib2 files is to convert them into netcdf
using wgrib2.  Kristian Nilssen
wrote the netcdf module and Sergey Varlamov has improved it.


Michael Purves wrote:
> We are making extensive use of GRIB2 meteorological data. I use degrib -c Msg# -Flt -GrADS to convert the GRIB2 data for a given field into a binary float file and a control file. This process works well with all fields, except UGRD and VGRD. In the GRIB2 index files, these fields have a decimal value for the Message Number.
> 21:525022:d=2007070200:RH Relative humidity [%]:200 mb:6 hour fcst
> 22.1:546161:d=2007070200:UGRD u wind [m/s]:1000 mb:6 hour fcst
> 22.2:546161:d=2007070200:VGRD v wind [m/s]:1000 mb:6 hour fcst
> If I input the decimal number into degrib, the degrib program crashes. If I enter just the integer value, I get reasonable looking values for the UGRD field, but the VGRD field is identical to UGRD.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction to get both UGRD and VGRD from these GRIB2 files?
> Thank you,
> Michael Purves
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