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Tue Aug 28 07:51:16 EDT 2007

Grads Users,

To explain my current situation I have a global grib file and I want to
pull an area bounded by lat/lon points out of the grib file.  I also
want this area to be in grib format.  I thought that could do
this, but after trying numerous cmd line arguments I still haven't had
any luck with it.  Below is the cmd line argument I'm using to try and
pull the grib formatted data out.  Do you have any suggestions to what I
may be doing wrong or if this is even possible?

gradsnc -blc 'run /home/dramsaur/work/scripts/ -v -q -i
-o /home/dramsaur/work/grib -format grib -ftype ctl -lat -10 45 -lon 95

David Ramsaur

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